Re: SPACE EXPANSION(another space question)

Scott Badger (
Wed, 6 May 1998 23:27:45 -0500

From: warren olson <>

>Here we go with yet another space question, which im not sure if its a
>popular one of not but one i have always been curious about and hope
>someone can shed some light upon it. It is a fact that space is
>constantly expanding and at what rate im not sure. What i question is
>what is space expanding "into". when a balloon expands it expands into
>air, takes up "space". after we eat taco bell our stomachs "expand" and
>take up "space". but when SPACE expands does it take up more SPACE? does
>space make its own space to expand into, at a faster rate than it
>expands? maybe its something obvious im not sure, but would sure like
>some insight if anyone cares to reflect.

My understanding (admittedly quite limited) is that the universe cannot be
considered to be expanding *into* anything. It's just expanding. It's not
like there's a border and on one side is our space-time-matter world while
on the other there's something else. Our minds just can't wrap around the
idea of nothing. But what I don't get is the volume of space in our
universe keeps increasing as it exapnds so where does the extra *space* come
from? Space is not nothing, right? Space can be distorted (by mass) so is
it stretching? Is more being created somewhere? Smart the
less fortunate here.

Scott B.