Re: SPACE EXPANSION(another space question)

Wed, 6 May 1998 21:29:24 EDT

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<< >Here we go with yet another space question, which im not sure if its a
>popular one of not but one i have always been curious about and hope
>someone can shed some light upon it. It is a fact that space is
>constantly expanding and at what rate im not sure. What i question is
>what is space expanding "into". when a balloon expands it expands into
>air, takes up "space". after we eat taco bell our stomachs "expand" and
>take up "space". but when SPACE expands does it take up more SPACE? does
>space make its own space to expand into, at a faster rate than it
>expands? maybe its something obvious im not sure, but would sure like
>some insight if anyone cares to reflect.
> >>

Its kind of like when a capsule of air is broken open in a vacuum, it quickly
expands into the vacuum. Perhaps that is whats happening. When I told my
friend that the universe is accelerating in its expansion he suggested that
perhaps the universe has reached its expansion and has been accelerating
towards the center again, and thats what we're seeing. Also, what they're
using to find these results is like 8 billion years old, or thats what I
heard. So if its accelerating, it is going much faster than what we see 8
billion years ago.