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Wed, 06 May 1998 08:24:24 PDT

>Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 22:23:30 -0500 (CDT)
>From: ChuckKuecker <>
>Subject: Re: WORM HOLES
>Have you got any starting points for non-physics majors? I am an
>but not a mathematician. If the discussion is not too heavy into pure
>I would enjoy it.
>Chuck Kuecker

We could look at from this point of view. You being an engineer would
certaintly understand the stipulations time travel would have upon a
spacecraft and keeping it together let alone travel for that distance at
such a speed(close to light). If a man were to travel for one year under
these circumstances, 1500 years approximately would pass here on earth.
Einstein believed that a clock on the spaceship would appear to be
moving much slower than here on earth. lets say we engaged a time travel
experiment for the pilot to travel 10 years, 5 years to one point in
space and 5 back, if the pilot left earth on january 1st, 2000, he would
arrive back on earth january 1st,17,000! The pilot would only be 10
years older, yet the world would be completely different, and probably
the climate would be something he couldnt adjust to with the rate of
global warming as it is, and therefore have a "few" surprises for him
when he got home. These are just a few ideas, popular theories actually
that can be read presently. actually the global warming part is my
opinion so for all i know the pilot may have nothing to worry about, but
im a firm believer in evolution and believe that if 15,000 years go
humans will adjust to many many things that we would not be able to
handle in one large spurt presently.

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