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> Subject: Re: WORM HOLES
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> warren olson, <>, writes:
> > Is anyone else interested in the idea of time travel via a macroscopic
> > wormhole? In theory the idea doesnt necessarily contradict any physics
> > laws, and presently only one known thing could damper the idea based on
> > chronological laws, but even that isnt proven to be a formidable
> > problem. Anyone else think anything of it or just a waste or research
> > time?
> It's certainly intriguing that our best models of the universe seem to
> allow for something as paradoxical as time travel. The question is,
> is there something wrong with the models, or something wrong with the
> universe? :-)
> Oops, my prejudice is showing. I can hardly believe that time travel
> will be possible because of the paradoxes and contradictions it would
> bring.
> David Deutsch has suggested that the paradoxes could be resolved if you
> combine time travel with parallel universes, so that when you go back into
> the past you are moving into a parallel universe. That way you never close
> the circle and can't change your past, avoiding contradictions. But I
> haven't seen a rigorous explanation of this idea.
> Hal
out of curiosity if a worm hole did exist what would be the speed at
which one traveled through