RE: Microsoft

Tony Belding (
Tue, 05 May 1998 20:11:55 -0600

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin" <> wrote:

> That "socialist fallacy" falls very closely in line with historical fact in
> many industries, particularly those which depend upon huge capital
> investments. Banking, for example.

W> Where, we observe, no monopoly has ever come into being, or been
W> sustained, without government intervention to protect it.

Say what? This is BANKING that I'm talking about: an industry where no
monopoly has ever *failed* to come about, without government intervention to
prevent it.

W> We don't have to imagine this, as an operating system exists which is
W> (a) substantially compatible with MS Windows, (b) substantially
W> superior to MS Windows, and (c) substantially less expensive than MS
W> Windows.

You're talking about Linux??? Since when is Linux compatible with MS
Windows? Are you honestly telling me that I can go to the store and buy, for
example, Britannica CD Multimedia Edition for Win95 or WinNT, and pop the disc
into my Red Hat system and run it?

I'm sorry, but there are some things I just can't believe until I've seen it.

W> I hear that the Red Hat release 5.0 is even easier to install than
W> Windows95.

It's easy to install. Trying to *operate* it is a nightmare, at least for
someone like myself who is not a Unix/Linux guru.

   Tony Belding