Re: Sentience

Anders Sandberg (
06 May 1998 14:25:21 +0200

ChuckKuecker <> writes:

> However, I have to question whether low intelligence indicates a 'chaotic'
> view. I would expect the lower intelligence would entail a simpler view of
> the world. A child begins with a simple view of things around him, and adds
> complexity as he grows and learns. A less intelligent person does not learn
> as quickly, and would be less sophisticated in his views.

I wonder how intelligence and experience influences the worldview; on
one hand, there are plenty of people who live in a simple
black-and-white world, on the other hand others who think the world is
fundamentally chaotic and incomprehensible. Maybe this isn't a
question about intelligence and education, but whether they find that
seeing the world as complex or understandable are useful.

For example, a person living in a narrowminded religious community
would early find that views that are not black and white often get
negative responses from other people, and hence learn a dualistic
mindset. A person who repeatedly fails in school would learn that the
world is incomprehensible and/or that they are stupid (and hence
allowed not to think). In the opposite direction, an intelligent
person in a suitable environment would learn that it is possible to
understand the world usefully, and that by learning more about the
world it becomes more complex (i.e. not just larger and diverse, but
also that it has new levels of organisation).

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