Science & Absolute Truth

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Wed, 06 May 1998 03:31:07 -0400

Ian Goddard <> wrote:

>>... "true" is not an absolute and it's important to be careful
>>of how you use terms such as "true" and "false" because they are
>>presumed an absolute by both religious groups and some scientists.
> IAN: If there is no absolute truth, then that
> is an absolute truth, therefore there is an
> absolute truth. Therefore, the claim that
> there is no absolute truth must be false.

IAN: I was wondering if anyone would notice this,
since not, I'll note it: notice that there is one
answer that satisfies both opposite claims:

(1) There is no absolute truth.
(2) There is an absolute truth.

Answer: The absolute truth is zero. Then there
is both an absolute truth and no absolute truth.

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