Yak Wax (
Tue, 5 May 1998 12:09:27 -0700 (PDT)

> Sometimes I wonder, are animals less conscious
> that we are? Are smart people more conscious
> than stupid people?

I've often wondered if a greater ability to understand complexity
would lead to a different conscious state. Think about it,
less-intelligent people perceive the world as complex and chaotic,
more intelligent people see the world as slightly less complex and
ordered. Does this have some application in Quantum Mechanics? If you
are observing events at the smallest possible detail things are in
complete chaos, as that scale becomes increasingly larger things
become more ordered and predictable. Perhaps consciousness and
intelligence are one and the same, the ability to observe something at
a 'larger' scale makes things more ordered and predictable. If
however you are less fortunate and your consciousness is below average
the world is a mix of random probability and total chaos. Of course,
this means the "scale" at which we see things is directly related to
our ability to handle complexity. Remember it's just a theory :-)

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