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> The main problem for me is not such interpretation, just because I suppose
> they did not even know Everest... And the greater mountain for them was
> possibly Sinai...They were, in general, an ignorant people, with almost no
> great commerce or knowledge of the rest of the world... They were weak, lots
> of times were taken as slaves... Just after, at the time of Solomon or
> David, they got a little more importance... Their main difference was the
> religiousty with a monotheist image of the supposed god was of a Good
> Father... This made them different from Greek ( = Roman ) Theology... And,
> talking about good things and look: ressurrection... they "made the minds"
> of other people... ( Note that Christians were nothing more than
> revolutionary ( in the philosophical sense... ) Neo-Jews, for that time... )
> >
> >That's not the worst of it.
> >
> >It rained so much as to cover the mountain (and don't forget that the
> >fountains of the earth opened up to help out). That would be
> >Everest, which according to my almanac (I found the damn thing
> >again) is 29,028 feet above sea level.
> >
> >It did this in only 40 days and 40 nights = 960 hours. The water
> >level rose at an average of 363 inches per hour. Even if only 10% of
> >that is rain (the rest being from the fountains of the earth), that's
> >a yard of rain an hour. A heavy Midwestern rainstorm delivers maybe
> >four inches an hour.
> >
> >With a yard of rain an hour, Noah didn't need an ark.
> >
> >He needed a submarine.
> >an ark.
> >
> >

Do we know with out a doubt where all this was taking place, was it
in the gaza strip?