RE: extropian galactic colonization

Jones, Spike (
Tue, 05 May 1998 09:33:59 -0700

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> From: Anders Sandberg
> > ok here ya go. this is a list of the 150 nearest stars converted
sorry about the table. i pasted it in from mocrosloth excel
then exchange sent my nice table as a <<->>. ill try again
with a microsloth word saved as text approach. i dont have
the disk with me right now. thanks for the ideas!

>But remember, inner city violence can be rather high. It may be
>unhealthy to live close to the core as long as one is based on

perhaps, but at least it would be easier to get to the neighbor's

>Hmm, I think you make a mistake here. If you can travel four or
>ly, why not six or eight? And then we are getting some interesting
>neighbors. It is indeed hard to travel interstellar distances, but
>can manage them there is no real difference between 4 and 10

i am thinking along the thread of an earlier post that said we extropians
should look to the short term as well as the long term. so i am imagining
an interstellar craft that could be built in the next 100 yrs or so. this
no opening up wormholes, no impluse engines, etc. with our
paltry technology, there is huge delta between 4 and 10 light yrs. more
later! spike