Re: META: policy change

Darin Sunley (
Mon, 04 May 1998 21:04:49 PDT

I'm gonna be one of the few here, and vote "no" to moving the list
back to subscriber only posting. As a subscriber, I'd be unaffected by
the vote, but I feel strongly that loistering ourselves away, like boys
putting a "No Girls Allowed" sign on a clubhouse, is not the answer.

I feel, if anything, that we should make it easier for non subscribers
to find us and get involved. Intelligent use of filters can block most
spam, and this place recieves less spam then my maibox anyways. I think
we have it pretty good with respect to the amount of spam we receive.
Additionally, limiting the potential sources of new ideas from posting
is, in my humble opinion, one of the least extropian things you can do.
The guy or girl who enconters too many obstacles to posting may just
have the idea that sparks the singularity.

In response to the proposition of putting a "No mundanes allowed" sign
on the door, I vote "Nay".

Darin Sunley

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