Re: beauty queens and galactic colonization

Anders Sandberg (
04 May 1998 10:56:06 +0200

"Jones, Spike" <> writes:

> are extropians interested in memes regarding expansion
> of humanity throughout the galaxy? i have generated some
> interesting findings using data from the hipparcos, the european
> satellite that measured the distances to nearby stars with
> great accuracy using parallax. if there is interest, i will
> post the results of converting the declination, right ascention
> tables into rectangular coordinates.

It would be nice to get that data, I could always do a rendering of it.

> with this information, one can see that the sun is a relatively
> lonely star. one can also see that the nearest star will not
> necessarily be the first colonized... spike

How do you mean? Judging from the local starmaps I have seen the sun
lies in a fairly normal neighborhood (in the middle of a gas-free
bubble some tens of ly across). Maybe you got some bias in your data?

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