RE: Fear of Life (was Microsoft, Automation)

Jones, Spike (
Sun, 03 May 1998 17:22:59 -0400

>Problem? What problem? "No need" you
>say? I don't even want "less qualified
>people" around. We'd have a better
>world, IMNSHO, if we created a society
>without less qualified people
>altogether. <g>

figure out how to do that, j.r. and
even *i* will vote for you. {8^D

by the way, that quote at the end
of your com, did mariah really say
that or did you make it up? hi-larrrrious!
i just about fell outta my chair laughing.

{8^D spike

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> "Whenever I watch TV and see those
> poor starving kids all over the world, I
> can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to
> be skinny like that but not with all
> those flies and death and stuff."
> --Mariah Carey
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> From: J. R. Molloy