non nanotech assemblers

michet (
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 19:30:54 +0200

Hi, first i will try to apologies for my bad english, it's basically
because my mother tongue is french, and i've never followed a lot of
english courses in my scholarship. I've to add that my wordprocessor
does not include any english dictionnary.

I'm only a little student in nuclear engineering now, but i've a lot of
interest for the subjects discussed here. Especially when it comes to
talk about the physics of consciousness, nanotech, replicators,
philosophy and implications for strong AI.

I'm following this list since several months now and i'm rather
surprised that only assemblers using nanotechnologies in their
implementation are discussed here.

Probably we could build a more "macroscopic" one. It will sure be less
efficient than a nanotechnological one, but it's really worth to study
too. I would like to see some reviews of the interesting ideas from Joe
Michael at about Fractal Shape
Changing Robots. The basic idea is so simple that i'm wondering how it
can be possible that nobody come with that before. I think with
enthousiasm that such kind of ideas are abble to make at least a major
revolution in the automation field. Perhaps we could expect important
breaktroughs in evolvable hardwares, AI too. If what he claims is at 50%
possible, that will lead to a major revolution, the kind of revolution
generally linked with nanotechnologies, but at a very minor cost.