Re: Context vs Crackpotism

Ian Goddard (
Sun, 03 May 1998 04:19:54 -0400

Hara Ra ( wrote:

>>And you wrench the word _identity_ away from how it has been defined and
>>used for centuries, because you are too lazy to coin a more accurate
>>term for what you're defining - and/or too much in love with the idea of
>>yourself as Great Philosopher to adopt words that other people have used
>>for what you call "identity", words like _description_ and
>>_characteristics_ and _qualities_.
>Ian is kind of like a flea - keeps on hopping around the same fallacies
>over and over. IMHO, just filter him out and forget him. He is, to me,
>ironically, just the kind of psychoceramic indicated in the subject line.

IAN: And Hara Ra adheres to the "zero evidence"
school of truth, where X = true if X is supported
by zero evidence. Which is why, failing to find a
single example of A where A is A free from not-
A, he then supports that which has no evidence.

In keeping with this most illogical standard, Hara Ra
is also an member of the ad hominem school of fallacy,
adept in its methods of anti-inquiry and distraction.

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