Re: The Peme Conflict Principle (was Is "Society" a Deep Peme?)

Hara Ra (
Sat, 02 May 1998 02:43:57 -0700

>[Note: Earlier parts of the peme debate --
>including the "peme rules" -- can be found
>at: '#TL075: Pemes = Political Memes' --
>and '#TL076: The Twilight of the Phobocrats' --
>which are periodically updated.]

(interminable posting which is snipped)

Regarding this thread (which I have resolutely tried to

1. I see nothing exceptional about "pemes", as the
concept of "meme" covers it all quite nicely; perhaps
"predatory meme" is a better definition than "political

2. "reme" for religious meme
3. "seme" for subconsciou meme
4. "feme" for flaming meme

I guess it is all a matter of pemeist envy.

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