Self-promotion (was Re: S/N )

Damien Broderick (
Sun, 03 May 1998 11:01:14 +0000

At 09:44 AM 5/2/98 -0700, the Waxster wrote:

>now and again among the S/N ratio moans, posts
>about grammatical errors and authors promoting new books

Ah, my cue!

If anyone is interested in checking out the range of reviewers' responses
to the idea of the Spike nee Singularity (in Australia at any rate which is
the only place yet that my book has been published, damn and blast it)
Compare & Contrast the links in the box called `OzLit Pages Relating to
this Writer' at

Especially worth comparing are the ones by Barry Jones (a stinkeroo from a
world-class polymath who set up the notable Australian govt Commission for
the Future, now disbanded for lack of interest), Alan Olding (pleasant but
in places missing the point) and Race Mathews (amazingly astute, er, that
is, generous). There are also links to some samples or extracts from a
couple of my masterpieces...

Well, *I* reckon it's S and not N; YMMV. (Not to mention YVH.)

Damien Broderick