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Just what is your point? You do not seem to refute anything I say,
just argue uselessly.

Point out something or shut up.

And, if you consider the Indian peninsula or China the middle east
then either you or I have to re-evaluate geography.

The deserts of the middle east have nothing to do with the jungles of
India, nor the forests of China.

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> -----Original Message-----
> All religions begin as cults. If all you
> care about are the numbers of adherents,
> then follow the dictum, "Fifty million
> horse flies can't be wrong, so eat
> dung."
> >This is the same reason I do not
> consider the followers of "Reverend
> >Jim Jones" a religion. He had
> followers also.
> Yeah, well, when J.C. had as many years
> of practice as Jim Jones had, the total
> number of his disciples came to twelve.
> The difference (besides the fact that
> Jones had drug-mush for brains and no
> real message to impart) in the number of
> disciples has no bearing on the verity
> of the teaching. Likewise, just because
> only a handful of people understand the
> Special Theory of Relativity doesn't
> make it true or false. Hundreds of
> millions followed the nonsense spouted
> by Karl Marx, but that didn't make it
> any less nonsensical.
> >
> >Second of all, I may have forgotten to
> mention there are only three
> >'religions' that promotes murder of
> others, and they all come from the
> >middle-east: Judaism, Christianity,
> and Shiite Musliminism.
> The other three major relgious
> traditions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism,
> and Taoism, also come from the
> Middle-East. For this reason, people who
> speak of "Eastern religions" find it
> difficult to name any "Western
> religions." They all come from the East
> or the Middle-East."

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