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Why does a Jew not being black or a Chinese not being black or an
Indian not being black cause you or anyone braindamage?

Secondly, your concerns about 'religious leaders' only confirms my
post. 'Religious leaders' were 99.9999999% of the time misinterpreted
by idiots wanting to expand their own power base. Explain.

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> >Jesus was not black. Neither was
> Mohammed or Krishna or Buddha or Lao
> >Tzu. They were of their race.
> Historically of course. Symbolically
> >they are of any race who accepts their
> doctrine. Get this through
> >your head!
> Ouch! That hurts. Getting such
> certainties through one's head must
> surely cause some brain damage.
> Apparently you don't have a problem with
> that. Please provide a recent photo or
> other evidence so that the rest of the
> world can share your certainty that
> "Jesus was not black." Of course /black/
> does not mean literally the color of
> coal. Similarly, /white/, when used to
> describe Europeans does not mean the
> color of snow. Anyway, the description
> of Jesus (Christ, not Rodriguez, we
> assume) as an extropian should have
> clued you in that this comment had no
> intention of raising any heated debate.
> It intended nothing more Earth-shaking
> than a mild jest.
> >
> >Race has nothing to do with doctrine.
> Please tell that to the millions of
> racists (especially in the former
> Yugoslavia) who have little else,
> besides racism, to offer in their
> particular doctrines. As a Jew, J.C.
> came from a matrilineal race, which to
> this day uses its doctrine of racism to
> define itself. This has nothing to do
> with the teachings of J.C., because he
> (as one might hope most extropian
> advocates) opposed all doctrinaire
> attitudes.
> > Every doctrine I've read that
> >was by a 'religious leader' said
> nothing about race. It is (was)
> >always about how YOU live YOUR life.
> Racial racism is a very Bad
> >Thing when it concerns religion. Give
> me one instance of where any
> >religious leader imposed racism in
> their doctrine.
> Happy to see you put the term /religious
> leader/ in quotes. The people listed in
> the previous post (Mohammed, Buddha, Lao
> Tzu, Krishna, Moses, and Jesus Christ),
> IMHO, had more in common with the
> tenants of extropy than with
> religiosity. As far as I can tell, the
> so-called "religious leaders" constitute
> the dregs of humanity who live as
> parasites on the words of truly
> enlightened masters such as those
> aforementioned. Give me liberty or give
> me death, but spare me from mixing up
> with the dragons of dogma and doctrine.
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