Re: Jesus Christ????

J. R. Molloy (
Fri, 1 May 1998 15:04:49 -0700

>Jesus was not black. Neither was
Mohammed or Krishna or Buddha or Lao
>Tzu. They were of their race.
Historically of course. Symbolically
>they are of any race who accepts their
doctrine. Get this through
>your head!

Ouch! That hurts. Getting such
certainties through one's head must
surely cause some brain damage.
Apparently you don't have a problem with
that. Please provide a recent photo or
other evidence so that the rest of the
world can share your certainty that
"Jesus was not black." Of course /black/
does not mean literally the color of
coal. Similarly, /white/, when used to
describe Europeans does not mean the
color of snow. Anyway, the description
of Jesus (Christ, not Rodriguez, we
assume) as an extropian should have
clued you in that this comment had no
intention of raising any heated debate.
It intended nothing more Earth-shaking
than a mild jest.

>Race has nothing to do with doctrine.

Please tell that to the millions of
racists (especially in the former
Yugoslavia) who have little else,
besides racism, to offer in their
particular doctrines. As a Jew, J.C.
came from a matrilineal race, which to
this day uses its doctrine of racism to
define itself. This has nothing to do
with the teachings of J.C., because he
(as one might hope most extropian
advocates) opposed all doctrinaire

> Every doctrine I've read that
>was by a 'religious leader' said
nothing about race. It is (was)
>always about how YOU live YOUR life.
Racial racism is a very Bad
>Thing when it concerns religion. Give
me one instance of where any
>religious leader imposed racism in
their doctrine.

Happy to see you put the term /religious
leader/ in quotes. The people listed in
the previous post (Mohammed, Buddha, Lao
Tzu, Krishna, Moses, and Jesus Christ),
IMHO, had more in common with the
tenants of extropy than with
religiosity. As far as I can tell, the
so-called "religious leaders" constitute
the dregs of humanity who live as
parasites on the words of truly
enlightened masters such as those
aforementioned. Give me liberty or give
me death, but spare me from mixing up
with the dragons of dogma and doctrine.



May life provide you the opportunity
to seek the ultimate truth, and may life
spare you from the company of those who
think they've found it.