Re: Jesus Christ????

Prof. Gomes (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 17:07:24 -0200 (GRNLNDDT)

At 12:21 30/04/98 CST, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever taken the time to notice that all pictures of Jesus
>Christ may be wrong? I ask because I belive that he may have
>actually been black! I mean he did come from that area and it is
>proven that it was a warmer climate at the time.

Yes, of course my friend !!! He was a Jew and certainly had black hair and
big nose ( just a joke...)
But, being the catholic church's headquarter in Europe, they obviously
pictured Jesus with european beauty patterns: Blond, blue eyes and even
tall... So, much more europeans would love him better... And believe more in
heaven... ( inteligent, no ? : in land of blinds, who has an eye will be
king... - if you change 'eye' by 'neuron', it will work too...)

PS: In opposition, here in Brazil, where blacks are an important
quantitative component of the people, there is an image of Jesus' mother
which is really black and intentionally let this way >> Maria Aparecida. And
black folks love it... Church uses it to make them feel "sons of god too" >>
got the smartness ? ( In Japan there is also a Japanese analogous )...