Science vs Truth ?

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Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:55:31 -0400

At 10:33 PM 4/29/98 -0400, Ian Goddard wrote:

Some points of clarification:

>> What is true or false knowledge?
> IAN: A lie constitutes false knowledge.
> A true statement (i.e., a statement that
> maximizes a 100% accurate representation
> of the physical universe or mathematic
> models) constitutes true knowledge.
> Of course a true statement A, is A relative
> to not-A, hence the false defines the true.
> If all statements were true, they'd just
> be statements (if in U, A = 100% and not-A
> = 0%, A = 0%).

IAN: Here the "A" is applied to the
attribute of statements, which is the
attribute "true," and is not applied
here to statements per se. That attri-
bute is defined by its not, which is
"false," just as statements are de-
fined by their not, not-statements.

> In short: A, if and only if not-A.

IAN: This means that in U (universal set),
A exists if and only if not-A exists. Now,
one might posit a contradiction by saying
"Well, if not not-A (if not-A is absent)
then A, since not not-A = A." Yes, that
is logical, however, "not" properly de-
notes the "complement of" and not the
"absence of." The absence of is properly
denoted by "zero" or "null." So to express
the absence of not-A we'd say, "If not-A
is null, then A is null."

People often counter: if A is only if not-A,
then what about the whole unvierse, where's
the not-universe? There is no not-universe,
that this is why the whole universe = 0,
expressed by the conservation of identity,
which follows directly from the conservation
of difference, since identity is difference:

1 2 3 ...
1 | 0 1 2 |
| |
2 |-1 0 1 |
| |
3 |-2 -1 0 |

Just as the difference between 3 and 3 is
0, the difference between All and All is
0, expressed in the zero sum of the whole
differential matrix. All things, every unit
of measure, be it one, an inch, a minute,
a Newton, a Pascal, an ohm, and so forth
are the products of differential relation,
and as such no unit can exceed the simple
analysis presented in the identity matrix.
The only identity attributes are derived
from the relations of different subsets.

Everything is a subset of identity, and
since identity is derived from difference,
and since difference is conserved, All = 0,
which follows directly from the fact that
there is no not-Universe, thus U = null.

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