New Main Editor for Extropy Online: Sasha Chislenko

Max More (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:22:21 -0700

Fellow Extropians:

I am delighted to announce that Extropy Online has a new Editor: Alexander
"Sasha" Chislenko. After editing Extropy for the last eight years, I have
decided to step down. Sasha was my first choice to take over due to his
intellectual accomplishments, his long and deep familiarity with the topics
Extropy covers, and his wonderful personal qualities.

While I shall remain as Editor-in-Chief, overseeing the general direction
of Extropy Online, it is to Sasha <> that you should now
direct your ideas for articles and reviews.

Onward to a new era for Extropy!


Max More, Ph.D.
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