Re: What about the short term?

Anders Sandberg (
30 Apr 1998 15:29:32 +0200

Jac2947329 <> writes:

> I have been on the extropians mailing list now for a few months and I've
> noticed that very few posts are made in respect to short term views. While
> it's commendable to be visionary I would think that many extropians would
> concern themselves with what could be done presently to assure a transhumanist
> existence in the future. Is there much collaboration on this level? I would
> like to take more of an activist's position in exploring transhumanist
> avenues. Any recommendations?

I think practical transhumanism is very worthwhile; while theoretical
studies help to guide us and get the long view, in the end we better
get transhuman ourselves too.

I think den Otter had a good idea about setting up some kind of server
or index over enhancing technologies (including things like mental
techniques and psychological tools), this would be very useful but
tricky to implement. We would really benefit from having an overview
of the areas we are interested in, which of course would help us see
what areas need to be developed and who could help.

Overall, the spread of simple, practical methods for enhanced living
are one of the best ways of promoting extropianism. A kind of
grass-roots transhumanism, so to say.

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