Re: What about the short term?

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:15:30 -0700

Jac2947329 wrote:

> I have been on the extropians mailing list now for a few months and I've
> noticed that very few posts are made in respect to short term views. While
> it's commendable to be visionary I would think that many extropians would
> concern themselves with what could be done presently to assure a transhumanist
> existence in the future. Is there much collaboration on this level? I would
> like to take more of an activist's position in exploring transhumanist
> avenues. Any recommendations?

If you follow the "A Challenge to All Extropians/Free-Marketeers" thread which I
started about a week ago, you'll see that the focus I'm trying to achieve is
*short-term*. I look forward to the immense cosmic future that can be ours in a
post-scarcity nanotech era, but my concern is seeing us get their without a huge
division occurring between the haves and the have-nots. IMO, there is nothing
better than the free-market in fostering innovation and technological
advancement. However, the free-market *may* not work in all cases regarding the
majority of people who are automated out of jobs by advancing automation. Maybe
it will, but little has been show by the staunch free-marketeers that has
convinced me otherwise.

Join the thread, maybe you will see something the rest of us are missing. Our
collective "short-term" asses are on the line!! :-)