Re: A Challenge To All Extropians

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:15:23 -0700 wrote:

> Paul Hughes [] wrote:
> >Again, *how* will people be able to but and use more or improved products
> >when those products are being made almost completely with human labor?
> I just don't get it... what do you think all those factories are going to
> do, just stockpile products that people can't afford to buy? If people can't
> buy them, they won't be made. Like most anti-free-market arguments, this
> is just totally out of touch with anything resembling reality.

Exactly! We are already seeing a massive overproduction capacity in several
sectors. And although you may have not realized it, you have hinted at an
answer. If overproduction continues at its current pace, these companies will
have to start giving their products away at obcenly low prices. This already
happened to the chagrin of DRAM manufacturers. Look at the trouble they got