Re: A Challenge To All Extropians/Free Martketeers

Bernard Hughes (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:25:38 -0700

James Rogers wrote:

> I can easily conceive of situations where the leisure
>class would have to get off their collective asses, as it were, to move to
>a location that could provide the increasing energy requirements of said

Seems rather like industrial age thinking to assume a higher tech society
would need more energy. For me the interesting problems are ones of
complexity. And our most complex systems have tended to get smaller and use
less energy. I figure a complex, well organized acorn-brain will be able to
outhink a poorly organized Jupiter-brain.

And what is your definition of the "leisure class"? Seems to me that many
people do for leisure what other people do for work. Neither are sitting on
their asses. The significant difference is for a "hobby" pursuit the drive
is internal rather than an external. Or are you thinking of people who
watch TV?

>Second, intellectual properties and similar abstractions will likely have
>to be purchased as long as people are willing to produce them.

Why? Most creative people I know (and I include myself) find the hassle of
trading creations for food and shelter something we could do without. A lot
of good creative output has come from people prepared to live in a garret
if that is what it takes to make their idea real. If Nanotech provides easy
food, shelter and medical aid, I'd be happy to pass on my output to anyone
who is interested. In the meantime, the Net seems to be doing a good job of
providing me a living with very little effort. So I think things are going
in the right direction.

Having lurked on this list for a little while, there seems to be a divide
between those who demand some payment before they do anything, and those
who would like to get out of that loop. I think both choices are possible.


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