Re: Facing facts

Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:23:22 EDT

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<< > IAN: Yes, I came within an inch of suggesting
> that maybe the "Mars face" deal was a NASA
> conspiracy for exactly that reason, since
> it would compel people to want to send a
> satellite to Mars, and thus to finance NASA.
> For NASA to suppress information about Mars
> life would be antithetical to its own interests.

This all seems silly. If true, their plan backfired in some ways.

I think NASA might face equally damaging risks promoting ETs. They could
loose their credibility. Which, in my mind, is a valuable tool for
getting research cash.

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They keep their credibility when the source of the inquiry of Mars
installations is not from NASA but from outside of NASA. They benefit from
these inquiries because they push exploration.