Re: Words Hurt

Erik Moeller (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 00:34:35 +0200

I'm getting the feeling that I've sent off thousands ofreplies to this list
today. Well, I'm one of those guys that cannot leave a mail unanswered.

>Ah, yes, and such a look at history would have no doubt
>given Benjamin Franklin a good idea as to whether, say,
>horseless carraiges were likely.
>History is so influenced by accident and starting conditions
>that it is practically useless for determining the possible.

You cannot compare technological innovation to social and economic models.
Most social and economic models of today can be found in the far past.
Primitive cultures often have councils or single leaders, the Roman Republic
is often compared to democracy and so on. Although the names differ, there
are not many possible power constellations and economic systems.

World history should give some examples for free markets in larger
societies, if they were possible and useful. According to my knowledge, it

Erik Moeller