Re: Words Hurt

Erik Moeller (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:54:43 +0200

>I don't agree. I remember that government in the US used to be held in
>hi regard. In my observation the only people who hold government in high
>regard now IS the government and not all of them. I know some government
>(state) employees personally and they are very's just that
>job is soooooo easy that they don't want to do anything else...that might
>require some they don't quit. But their consciousness hurts

Well, if the mass media is friendly towards government, people are. If the
mass media is skeptical, people are skeptical. If the mass media says that
the president must resign because he received a good blowjob, then the
president *will* have to resign. People are a mirror of the media, media are
a mirror of the people who make them. Informational feedback loops can cause
problems, i.e. those who design the media content can in the end be victims
of their own propaganda.

Read Noam Chomsky, "Manufacturing Consent".

Erik Moeller