Re: Words Hurt

Erik Moeller (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:49:17 +0200

> IAN: Uhhh.... You're messing up my optimism!!
> I just got optimistic and then you came along. :(

Sorry, I did not mean to. The questions are: Do you want to fight against
"the powers that be"? Are they evil by definition? Or is there maybe a way
that we can change the world by changing their worldviews? Haven't the worst
mistakes in human history, most wars, only been the result of a lack of
education of economic leaders?

Don't preach revolution against governments, it is futile. But during my
work as a journalist I have found that trying to spread the right
information is *not* futile. I have written two important articles against
different internet censorship approaches, which is too coordinated to be a
spontaneous manifestation but must be the movement of one power group in the
US. Especially the first article has generated some impact. Currently, I am
researching the alleged harmfulness of pornography. This is more important
than anything I have written before. You can make a change, but not by
placing yourself in the long line of attackers. Try to help, not to defeat,
lest you won't be defeated. Evolution instead of revolution.

Erik Moeller