Re: Erik's Fallacy

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 16:47:34 -0400

At 02:38 PM 4/25/98 -0400, I wrote:

> IAN: Erik, what your saying is illogical by the
> very facts that you concede. Your trying to imply
> that ExI is a member of a subset of cults that even
> you admit does not exist.

IAN: The membership does not exist, not the
subset. Also, Erik did not explicitly say that
"bad cult" traits are not found in ExI, but
it was implicit. The best he could cite for
"ritual" (a necessary trait of a religion)
is the holding of "regular meetings." Good
grief, a baseball team holds regular meet-
ings, and may even have a set of principles,
so is a baseball team a religion and thus
a cult? If so, that dissolves the word.

Also, ExI is democratic in nature. Religions
don't have votes on changing their "Bible."

Erik, get off this "cult" attack. I think that
ExI is always open to construct critique, but
yours is clearly designed to be destructive.

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