Re: Words Hurt

Henri Kluytmans (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:18:05 +0200

Erik Moeller wrote:
>Maybe the word 'leader' is too strong. I meant to imply that people have
>centered around Max and his ideas, many of these people absorbing these
>ideas without deeper consideration (they cannot consider them, because
>criticism of the basic ideas is forbidden on this list, and with whom should
>they discuss them if not with the Extropians themselves?). I did NOT mean to
>imply that you are all following Max and his 'orders' sheepishly and I
>apologize if it has been understood this way. The right expression is
>probably 'guide', not 'leader'. Would you agree that Max More has been a
>guide for you?

I found out I was a transhumanist even before I had even heard of Max
More. (I think it was the site of Anders Sandberg where I first
encountered the term transhumanist.) Of course I had to come to the
Extropy website en get a member of this list first to recognize that
I have a quite extropian philosophy of life myself.

IMO most people who now call themselves transhumanist or extropian
already were so before they even knew these terms.

The most important thing that Max More did was creating the Extropy
Institute and thereby bringing people with the same transhumanist/
extropian philosophy of life together. Not because they want to
follow Max More, but because they want to communicate with other
persons supporting the same philosophy of life.

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