MGS: Pyramid Imaged ?

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:21:26 -0400

I think that the MGS just got one of the pyramids:

It's a very big file and the
pyramid is toward the bottom.

It looks both pyramid-like and natural. If it's
50%, the weight of logic falls to natural, since
the change of advanced life is less than not-life.

The best case I can think for artificial is that
a layer of dust rests on the pyramid, and this dust
causes it to appear natural. We can see a the sharp
liner base line. It is at the least, or most, an
unusual geological formation, and there are two,
but this image could only capture one of them.

This certainly knocks extrapolations drawn from
the Viking images down, down way toward natural.

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