Re: Ethics of being a Creator

Max M (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:24:44 +0100

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Henri Kluytmans <> writes:
> > OK, but the least thing a creator could do is to check if
> > sentient entities occur in his simulation (e.g. universe).
> > If so, he (/she/it) could make backup copies of their states
> > just prior to their destruction. The saved backup copies could
> > then be restored in a separate simulation (heaven/hell?).
> That sounds nice, but it might not be easy to do. First, some of the
> entities might suffer a gradual decline (like humans with Alzheimer's
> disease), would it be nice to save backup copies of their final,
> degraded state or should one save copies from an earlier state? If so,
> why just one, why not several? Second, it might not even be clear to
> the creator which entities are sentinent and which are not (there
> might be a lot of intelligence hidden in the apparent chaos of type
> III CAs, invisible until you look at the principal fourier
> components).

Besides... What is sentience anyway? One thought experiment is that
there could very well be such a system in effect right now, but humans
are just not considered intelligent or sentient enough for a god/power.


Max M Rasmussen
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