Research on a 'new' psychotropic

Mark Crosby (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:17:56 -0700 (PDT)

I was browsing through the abstracts for the second
conference of the Association for the Scientific
Study of Consciousness (ASSC) to be held from June
19-22, 1998, in Bremen, Germany, on "Neural
Correlates Of Consciousness: Empirical And Conceptual
Issues", see
, and found the following article on a interesting
psychotropic substance that I, being the 'aging
home-body' that I am, had never heard of:
MICHAEL SCHLICHTING, European College for the Study
of Consoiousness (ECSC) Göttingen
"Consciousness Research Using Hallucinogenic Drugs.
Psychotropic Effects of the Phenethylamine DMMPEA"

[CUT] In a non-comparative human study the
psychoactive properties of DMMPEA
(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Methyl-Phenethylamine) were
evaluated in 18 subjects. In this paper the
experimental design of the study und the results are
presented and discussed in view of the implications
for consciousness research.

The specific Altered State of Consciousness (ASC)
produced by hallucinogenic drugs like DMMPEA is
characterized by an increase of body awareness and
receptiveness of inner stimuli, activation of
individual affective patterns, eyes-closed imagery
and dream-like subconscious material. The
consciousness remains clear and enables the subject
to observe, to control und to communicate the
intrapsychic changes. Embedded in an anxiety reducing
psychotherapeutic setting no true hallucinetions,
delusions nor psychotic reactions are observed. All
subjects recovered completely within few hours and
showed no adverse reactions or unwanted after
effects. Psychometric tests and clinical evidence
revealed an improvement in emotional insight,
self-esteem and ego-strength.

Someone recently asked about an online forum for
discussion of nootropics & psychotropics.
There seems to be an interesting collection of
annecdotal accounts at the following organization
(the particular URL given is a good overview of what
I assume is the popular version of the substance
discussed above, 2-CB).
which notes: "On some occasions 2-CB has given me
visibility into what I will call the "assembly" or
"machine" language of the mind."


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