Re: Why atheism beats agnosticism (Was: Re: Contacting God) ("")
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:28:34 +0200

> From: Scott Smith <>

> > Is real omnipotence actually possible?
> I don't think so. Immortality seems possible, but omnipotence requires
> being able to cause anything. Conflicts with other omnipotent beings > would indubitably occur, and then what would happen? Also, the nature > of "quantum causality" seems as if it would prevent omnipotence.

Maybe true omnipotence *can* be achieved if only one Power remains (it
has either killed or absorbed the competition). Given infinite time it
may learn to control everything that exists simultaneously, down to the
smallest particle. It has then effectively *become* the universe.
Unlikely but not impossible.

Another characteristic of the Judeo-Christian god is that he (yes, of
course he's caucasian male ;-) has *always* existed (and will always
exist). Could this be done? Maybe, if time travel somehow were possible,
one could send copies back "indefinitely", effectively establishing
"presence without beginning or end"?