Re: Contacting God ("")
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 18:24:04 +0200

Doug Bailey <> wrote:

> As for Contact, the 95% figure was probably accurate in that such a figure is
> probably accurate for the percentage of people that believe in some form of
> supernatural something.

Indeed, most people are fools. I'd like to see a
socio-ethnic breakdown for the 5% by the way, does anyone
know a relevant site?

> I agree with the idea, as I would guess most people on the list would, that the first
> representative should be a scientist (perhaps even a mathematician) since that would
> be the common language we might share. Additionally, a scientifically trained mind
> would be able to adapt, process and toleratethe "strangeness" of the aliens much easier
> than a Southern Baptist minister from Augusta, Georgia.

Obviously the first person to go should be transhumanistic
scientist, "the earth's finest" ;-)