To donate or not to donate..that is the question

Berrie Staring (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:29:11 +0200

Dear all,

Here in the Netherlands they are starting with
a national database of all the people in Holland, in
which they record what you would like to be done
with your organs should you die. We all have to fill
in a form and express our wish. Up on our death the
doctors will immediately contact this database and ask
for the wish.

Since "we" sign up for Cryonics it is not wise to express
the wish, that we would like to donate our organs.
Also on this form there is no room to put in writing what
wish you may have (a missed opportunity IMHO).

However, there is the option to give an other person the
right to choose for you. So, I could appoint a member of
Transcedo to make sure that they don't use my organs.

The beauty of this is, that he/she will be contacted ASAP.

Second: they will keep me "alive" until the decision is made,
this could be very valuable I think.......

Please share your opinion. Is it a good thing to use this
option? or do we risk a lot of damage by the "waiting"
period. Is anyone a doctor, and does he/she knows what
the procedure is with donations.

THANKS !! :)

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