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<< >These are common myths and have been dispelled by animal
>behaviorists. Many animals have been observed killing for reasons
>other than food, defense, or territory including:
>Numerous primates (man,chimp,baboon)
>Members of the cat family (lions,tigers, etc)
>Members of the Bear family
>Members of the dog family (wolfs, coyotes, and worst of all feral
>killer whales (Orca Orcannis)(sp?)
>snakes, especially members of the mamba.
>These are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. In many
>cases the observers concluded these animals killed solely to kill.
>This of course does not mean all of the species, all of the time.
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and they also kill within their own species, including the chimps, there was a
story about how some chimps (i think a mother and her son) would find and kill
the babies of other chimps (im not sure if they ate them or not). And there
are also wars between groups of chimps.