Re: Project Star Net

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:48:10 -0700 (PDT)

> [ BTW, What does everyone think of a graphically inhanced list? When
> the W3C releases it's new XML vector graphic format (VGML?) we should
> try and support it, vector graphics are incredibly small and versatile
> and being able to draw diagrams would make things very interesting.
> Of course, we'd have to wait for compatible tools (NS and MS will be
> supporting the standard). ]

It's PGML, and it's still pretty rough around the edges. As is
support for XML/HTML mail (although there is at least a draft on
that topic to encourage some standardization). Yes, it would be
nice to create a list specifically to experiment with extended-
content mail (not this one--the public list should use proven
standards), but I doubt the value of added content will outweigh
the immaturity of the standards for at least a year.

There is hope on the horizon--the Mozilla source release includes
its next-generation fully HTML4/CSS1-compliant extensible layout
engine, which will probably form the foundation of many free apps
in the not-so-distant future (it, too, unfortunately, is immature),
which will hasten standardization of extended formats.

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