Re: Contacting God & Eastern Religions

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:58:01 -0700 (PDT)

>>I recently watched "Contact" (I'm probably the last to do so
>>on this list)

Guess again...

>> In the movie it is claimed that 95% of the worlds population
>> believe in a "Supreme Being" and therefore anyone who doesn't
>> believe in God shouldn't represent Earth. Now, forgive me if
>> I'm wrong, but isn't Hinduism the most 'popular' religion?
>> Even if it's not, my point is that many religions have more
>> than one god, so I would presume that 95% of the worlds
>> population don't believe in a "Supreme Being" or "God" (which
>> I take to mean one Supreme Being, after all how many Supreme
>> Beings can you have?)

Hinduism probably counts as one "Supreme Being" even though it's
clearly a different one from that of the Abrahamic religions;
we'll put Zoroastrians in that camp, too, and some Pagans as well.
But certainly Buddhists are more than 5% of the Earth's population,
along with many of the former Soviets, who, while they are no
longer "officially" all atheists, probably haven't all changed
overnight, either. Add a smattering of secular humanists,
principled atheists, agnostics, Taoists, and others, and I'd
guess a number more like 10-15%.

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