Re: Rational Creativity

Ian Goddard (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 17:12:48 -0400

At 01:11 PM 4/19/98 -0500, Natasha Vita More wrote:

>>In the same vein, I would say that all major scientific advances of the
>>past have come from highly creative thinkers.
>Free association (Einstein's basic inspiration) is non-rational creativity,
>not irrational creativity. Non-rational creativity is not in conflict with
>rational creativity.
>Rational creativity doesn't exclude the non-rational process of innovation,
>inspiration, originality, vision and daring.
>Rational thinking is advantageous to creative thinking. If I have a
>visionary idea (non-rational creativity) and want to take it to fruition -
>produce it - rational thinking is my best bet.

IAN: Right, rational thinking minus creativity
is a computer, and computers invent nothing --
that is, unless we can digitize creativity.

Creativity minus the rational is fantasy, and
fantasy by itself also leads to no progress.
But interface the two and you have progress.

Einstein supposedly spent quite a bit of time
as a youth fantasizing what it would be like
to ride on a beam of light as a surfer rides
on a surf board. Such fantasy was as much a
part of this innovations as were the lessons
in rational thinking he learned in college.

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