Re: Uploading and Nanotech

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Sun, 19 Apr 1998 11:18:46 -0700

Anders Sandberg wrote:

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> > U/Ling may arrive but like so many technological advances, I'd predict
> > its arrival as a sudden fit of technological evolution, not as a
> > graduated science.
> Why?

Hmm.. Because I'm not a scientist, but an artist, there's less reason in
this statement than you are probably hoping for. I'm saying this based on
intuition and a lifetime of growing up around the Silicon Valley/Bay Area.
I've always thought that bold advances in any high-technology are the
result of a synergy of theoretical ideas melding together. When it comes to
the technology needed to scan the brain, I think it will be the product of
one incredible idea/device connected to some existing technology. I'm sure
that you could argue this is graduated science.. So I guess that part of my
statement is a bit off target.. But I do believe that we'd need something
revolutionary to make this first step towards U/Ling. Perhaps it will be
Nano, but I imagine it much farther away than some alternative brain
scanning device.

This has turned into a sunday morning ramble..


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