Re: Underground obital transport - was Plane crashes and other

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Sat, 18 Apr 1998 08:16:12 -0500 (CDT)

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>It seems this kind of transportation would be best for things that can take
>the g force (im not sure what it would be) to put them in orbit (like special
>cargo, and humans maybe). How would we burst them into orbit each time? It
>would be cool to just have things in underground orbit (like continuous
>orbits), Im sure it would be useful somehow. Would the tube have to be a
>perfect ring and would it also have to be relevant to the spin of the planet?

As long as curves are gentle in relation to the speeds involved, they should
not be a problem as long as a maglev style suspension is used. The tube
would need some pretty good bracing to survive the side thrusts for anything
other than a really gentle curve, though. Obviously, rugged freight or bulk
materials could take much sharper curves than passengers!

One thing that would be a concern here is how much energy would be absorbed
by the levitation system. If you compress a levitating magnet using the
Meissner effect, you are adding energy to the system. There has to be a
limit to how much you can add for a given setup. Maybe it's just a matter of
proper design for a safety margin?

Chuck Kuecker