Mars Face Analysis

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 14:15:26 -0400

Here's the web page of perhaps the leading
scientist and proponent, Dr. Mark Carlotto,
of the possibility that the "Mars face"
is a non-natural formation:

Here is his analysis of the new MGS images:

The image that all the papers that I saw ran,
was a "contrast enhanced" image, which made the
face appear falsely to be flat. Apparently the
MGS satellite keeps missing the "pyramids,"
which are forms very near the "face" that
seem to be symmetrical 5-sided pyramids,
based upon the old Viking images.

My first impression of the new images was,
"Well so much for the "Mars face'," but the
symmetry of the outline of the "face" and the
perfectly straight parallel lines of the "helmet,"
wow!... I WANT to believe it was made by life.

The formation coming off the "chin" and running
to the right seems to be a natural mountain.
Obviously much of the face appears to be
far more natural than the Viking image
would suggest. But what would a face
carved look like after X 1000 years?

Likely that if once-existing Martians did
make it, they would have used a large natural
form such as a mountain as the base. Maybe they
didn't get the chin finished before doom set in?

Maybe, maybe, and maybe not...???

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