Re: future pets, but I dont remember that much

Steve Van Sickle (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 11:19:59 -0600

> I had heard that from my elementary teacher in the 80s, about the two week
> thing.

> We watched a film about it, they showed the dog playing, but I dont
> remember that much, it was 2 weeks though supposedly, maybe it
> wasnt.

That may have been Miles, a dog recovered from about 20 minutes at
just *above* freezing temperature. He generated a lot of
publicity in the Eighties, even though many other labs had done as
much or more. Much of that publicity may be due to the misconception
that he was frozen.

> People have been dead for longer than 15 min, I think like 30 min or an hour
> while frozen, like from drowning in ice water, before being revived.

Happens all the time.