HEALTH: Legalon

den Otter (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 01:22:21 +0200

Highly recommended for any liver-related problems, and for
healthy people who are planning to do some heavy drinking,
eat greasy food etc. The active ingredient is a plant extract
("Mariendistelfruchte", that's German, I don't have the English
name right now), and it's extremely safe to use. Great to
stimulate your appetite too. This is not some gimmick, but
a medicine that's been successfully used for several decades
to treat people with cirrhosis, acute poisoning and other
damage to the liver. It has a strong regenerating and protective

I got mine from Madaus AG,
51101 Koln

There's probably some info on the net about it (LEF?), but my
browswer is down right now so I can't look. In any case, highly
recommended (and with almost immediate results).