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Sean kenny (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 20:35:51 -0000

Max More wrote
> In our case, I would argue that the fault is not the market. Partly it
> be an inevitable result of differences among humans and their abilities
> culturally-influenced preferences (such that some refuse to learn the
> necessary skills). But much of it I would say results from a poor
> educational system that is weak at motivating students, lacks innovation,
> and fails to instill important skills. (I *know* this goes on because I
> teach students entering college who almost all lack logical skills, basic
> math, and any semblance of scientific education.) Schools in this country
> are almost entirely run by the state. The state, not the market.
> market discipline and I predict that things would improve dramatically.
> Maybe we'll see: One state has recently begun to use the voucher system,
> which is an important step towards a market system.
> So, once again, the market is blamed for the deficiences of statism.

I'm not sure this is so. The reason the state has historically taken
for the education of the vast majority of its population is because
recognised that a growing Capitalist economy had to be able to access a
larger pool of educated and skilled labour than the previously ruling and
middle class education systems were able or willing to provide beyond a few

scholarships. Market oriented Education systems seem to quickly degenerate
elitist education for the wealthy and no education at all for the poorest,
Brazil for

The voucher system that the new Labour government have introduced
in Britain is actually a step away from the market system. The market was
providing Nursery places for wealthier parents, wheras parents of 4 year
olds who
were trying to hold down jobs with meagre incomes had to rely on cheap day
and unlicensed child minders, these have now been given Vouchers worth
1500 pounds that can only be used to pay for a nursery school place. The
hope that Nurseries will be created by the market to soak up this financial
glut. I
don't think handing people cheques and ordering them to spend the money on
that doesn't even exist yet has anything to do with free market economics.

If a child is not receiving an education, we are all to blame.

Sean Kenny