Re: Anti-Holism Flops... again!

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 02:11:13 -0400

>Anton Sherwood ( wrote:

>> IAN: If we did not know about good,
>> we would not know about bad.
>Do you understand the difference between that statement (with
>which I do not disagree) and the statement "good is bad"?

IAN: I have in fact defined that quite clearly
for several years: If A is the set containing
all things that define A, including not-A, and
if not-A is the set containing all things that
define not-A, including A, then A = -A, as both
sets contain the same members. If we remove not-
A from the universal set containing A, we also
remove A; if we remove what it isn't we remove
what it is, thus what it is contains what it
is not, and thus not-A is just side 2 of A.

There is (in)A and (out)A and (super)A = (in)+(out).
It is via (super)A that (in)A acquires identity.

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